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Restoration Services for
Vintage Receivers, Amplifiers & Stereo's

Restorations, Anyone?

A Restoration is just that - Restoring a Receiver or Amplifier to make it both perform and look as close as possible to what it was when new. Of course, with the materials available today - the majority of the time a careful restoration will actually make the unit perform beyond even what the designers thought possible!

Now, there's an enormous difference in the work that we perform and what you'll find in so many places that claim to do this work. It's cliché, but it really is like comparing apples to oranges. Swapping out a few capacitors and replacing the bulbs and cleaning the controls is not a restoration!

We spare no expense when it comes to all the work that we perform while completing restorations. We have a modo: Do it and do it right, or just don't bother! A restored piece should look it's part, not only on the outside where everyone can see, but also on the inside. We encourage our clients to remove the covers and examine the work first hand. There's nothing to hide - in fact, we want you to see the dedication and the amount of time and the attention to detail that we put in to restore your unit. Of course, the real test is when you're able to listen critically to an LP or a CD on a good set of speakers. Any pain that you felt when your turned over your hard earned money to get your unit restored - will melt away, and a smile will come across your face, from ear to ear. You'll be saying to yourself " Yeah - It was worth every penny..."

The difference between what your amplifier, stereo, or receiver use to sound like, and what she'll sound like after our restoration process is completed - will be as far as the night is from day. It won't just be a subtle difference - you'll definitely be able to hear it - guaranteed.

The time and attention to detail that we put in on these units are without equal. We love restoration work. We've been in this business a very long time - 35 years behind the bench. We've 'been there, done that'. These days, we don't punch a clock, we don't have any quota's to meet, and we report to no one but YOU. That means that we'll take all the time that is needed to perform the work the way it should be done - the right way. Take a look below at the restoration work that we've performed. See if you can tell the difference between our work vs. the other guys.

Scroll Down to See Pics Of Recent Restorations

As for cost, well, we aren't cheap, that's for sure. But, we are among the very best that you'll ever find. If you want your restoration done right, the way it's suppose to be done, then look no further - you've found the right place to send your vintage piece for restoration.

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What's the difference between what you do and others?


First and foremost, we love to do this kind of work!

We go above and beyond what's called for - each and every time. We fix these things like they belong to us - the way I would personally want it done - and trust me, I'm a tough cookie. I'm very particular on how things are done. This is extremely important when you want whatever it is your working on - to sound better than what it did when you bought it new. Yes, this is possible, but only if great care is taken during the restoration process. Sometimes this means sourcing parts that aren't readily available. This requires careful research, and patience. It's been said that if you wait long enough - you'll find what you want. It's true. There is a steadfast rule when restoring vintage pieces: The 'sound' must not be altered. Of course, the 'sound' has to do with the design of the individual circuits. That means that it will still have the same characteristic 'sound' that an amp or receiver is known for. Of course, once the restoration is completed, the unit will always sound better - the highs will be smooth as butter, and crystal clear. The midrange will be cleaned up a bit, and the bottom end will have more kick and a faster attack and overall, the restored amp or receiver will have more headroom. But, again, the 'sound' of the piece will NOT change. Improvements are always a good thing - but it must not, ever, detract from the designers intent.

This all takes extraordinary commitment to your work - which is something that you'll rarely come across in this field. In fact, this is the reason that return rates are so high. Think about it. Technicians have quotas. They must complete a certain number of repairs each day / week / month. If they miss their quotas too often, they'll loose their job. That gives them but one choice - send out some repairs that aren't really fixed. Yes, you heard right. The technician is under the gun. In order to save his job, he has to send a few repairs out the door that aren't fixed. This gets him his quota. But, it also makes the return rate climb sky high. Some of you reading this may have had this very thing happen to you some time in the past - or heard of someone who sent in a repair, only to receive it back in the exact same condition!

Yep - now you know why most shops have a return rate of 20 - 25%. Our return rate is less than one percent! We're not perfect, but we take the time to do things the right way - like it should be done. We're not paid by the hour, nor by the piece. The trade-off? Money. Yep, we're not cheap, not by a long shot. But we are among the very best that you'll ever find. The idiom "you get what you pay for" is dead on when it comes to Restoration Services - not to mention the time and attention we give to each and every unit that comes in for repair or restoration.

What are you waiting for? Send us an email with your make and model and we'll tell you what it will take to restore your unit. Once we get her on the bench, we'll report back to you with our findings, and If there are any options, we'll make those available to you, along with our professional recommendations.




Recent Restorations

Take your time and check out the pictures via the Links below. One thing you won't see is dirt/ dust. Who takes the time to clean all that out these days? We do. There is so much detail that's involved when restoring these units. If it needs to be done, it doesn't matter how hard or how long it takes to do it - it simply gets done - the right way - the way it should be done. Nuff Said.


Links to Pictures - Enjoy!

Sherwood S-9910 Receiver

Kenwood KA-600 Integrated Amplifier

Kenwood KA-650 Integrated Amplifier

Pioneer SA-9500 II Integrated Amplifier

Harmon Kardon 630 Receiver



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