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Repair service for all makes, models and brands, including VHS, Beta, SVHS, 8mm, Hi-8, D8, Min-DV, DV, DVC.

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Do you repair all VCR's?

Yes and No. Let me clarify. We repair Sony, JVC, Panasonic and all other Makes and Models of Professional & Broadcast VCR's from about the year 1998 and up.

Unfortunately, we don't repair any consumer VCR's


Do you repair Beta VCR's?

Sorry, no. These decks are just tool old and problematic.



Wont it cost a lot to ship my VCR?

Figure on about $25 or so if you pack it yourself. If you take it somewhere to get it packed and shipped, it can get expensive.

The most important thing to remember is: Packing. When you shake the box, there should be absolutely NO movement. If there is, add more packing. We receive many units damaged - all due to improper packing. There should be at least 4" of packing (6" is best) around all six sides of the unit!


How much do you charge for estimates?  ^ Top

First, we don't charge this fee up front. The only time we charge you a modest $30 estimate fee is if you do NOT have your unit repaired.
If you do decide to get your unit fixed, this fee is waived! If you paid this fee up front - we just take it off at the end.

Some places even offer to ship your unit back for free. Come on. Do you really think that you're not going to be paying for this? Really? If you fall for that, I've got some swamp land here in Florida for a great price... One way or another, they'll get it out of you.

Back in the day I worked for shysters like this. They just mark up the cost of repair and tell you that shipping is free. In this day and age - if you're still falling for that - well, I just can't help you, my friend...

That's fair, isn't it?

'Free' estimates are a gimmick. So is 'free' return shipping.
Tell me, are you really gonna fall for that?


How much do you charge for return shipping?

On average, return shipping with insurance typically costs between $20 - $25. It can go slightly higher, depending on where you reside and the value of your VCR..

What do I do next?
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If you would like to use our services, simply click here, or click the Repair Service on the Top, Right Hand side of every page on this site.


VCR Repair and Professinal Deck Repair


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