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Receiver Repair & Amplifier Repair
Stereo Repair & Restoration Service

IWe Troubleshoot and Repair All Makes, Models and Brands of Vintage Amplifiers, Vintage Receivers, Tape Decks, and more!

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Receiver, Stereo & Amplifier Repair
Including Both New and Vintage Receivers, Amplifers, Stereo's and More
Including High-End Audio Products.


How much to repair my Stereo, Receiver or Amplifier?

Obviously that depends a lot on what kind of problem your amplifier, stereo or receiver has, if you've jumped the main fuse with foil and now you've seen a small fireworks show coming from the back of the unit, or how many windows you had to open to let all the smoke out...

Seriously though, if you'd like to know an approximate cost to repair your receiver or amplifier, or even if your receiver, stereo or amplifier is even worth fixing, just send us an email along with the brand & model number, and the problems you're experiencing. Now, we need as many details as possible as to the problems your experiencing. Please elaborate as much as possible. The more information we have, the better we are at estimating the cost of repair or the cost to refurbish & recap your unit.

Of course, you can always just ship your unit into us for repair service and once it arrives, we'll put it on the bench in short order, find the problems and then email or call you back with what we've found and a cost of repair. No work is performed and no charges become due without your express consent. Just click the 'Request Service' link to the left.

SHIPPING - Caution!  We continue to receive units that have been damaged due to improper packing. That's the problem with shipping something that is heavy. You must have at least 6 inches of packing/ padding around all SIX sides of the stereo, and the sides of the box. It must be tightly packed - the stereo must not be allowed to move around inside the box, not even a little. If loose - it will migrate to one of the sides of the box in transit, where it WILL get damaged. Taking it to a pack and ship place is expensive, but unless they know how to pack - you may not be any better off, believe it or not...



But I can buy a cheap receiver for $150!

Well my friend, while that may be true, do remember that you do get what you pay for. Many of the older units just have a sound that you wont easily replace with a unit made in China, Taiwan or Malaysia!



Do you do restore vintage audio equipment?

Restoration? Absolutely! You must understand that there are BIG differences to what we do, and what you may find elsewhere. There are many so-called shops out there that think that as long as they replace a few capacitors and a swap out a few bulbs with LED's, that they've somehow restored a vintage piece. We're here to tell you that this is NOT a restoration. A restoration means that you restore the unit to as close to what it looked like when new, as possible. We also spare no expense when it comes to restoration. We do it and do it right - or seriously - why bother? A completed restoration should perform BETTER than when it was new, seeing's how we're doing upgrades while we're 'under the hood'. It should also look the part - that means it has to be CLEAN, not just on the outside, but on the inside. And not just where you can see - but CLEAN everywhere!

The time and attention to detail is enormous. We enjoy restoration work. We go back a very long time indeed. We've been around the block. We're at the point now where we don't punch a clock, we don't have a quota to meet. That means that we can take all the time we need to do a proper job - the way we would personally want it done ourselves. Take a look at a couple of restorations we have recently performed and see if you can spot the difference!

We spare no expense. We take the time to obtain original parts - not generic and not second best. We only use the BEST capacitors available and we replace every one of them with only the highest quality capacitors that money can buy from Nichicon, Rubycon, Elna, and Panasonic. We always try to use the same brand that the particular unit was designed with, and if you have a preference, we can do that too. We never use inferior or lower grade capacitors. As mentioned, we spare no expense and we go out of our way to do things right. Isn't that what you would expect from a restoration?

Yes, it's expensive, no doubt about it. The hours that are put in on this work rack up quickly. We aren't cheap, not by a long shot. But, we are among the very best that you'll ever find. If you want it done right, the way it should be done - look no further - you've found the place to send your vintage stereo in for restoration. Send us an email for a quote to restore your vintage piece.

Also, check out this page, where we get serious about the restoration work that we perform.


Is my receiver, stereo or amplifier is worth fixing?

The first indication as to whether or not to invest any money in your unit - is it's age. The older the unit, the more likely it is that you DO want to spend money on it. The second indication is it's weight. If it requires both hands to pickup, and you risk a hernia lifting it... Its definitely something you want to invest in. If your receiver has a dial string tuner, you wont easily replace it's sound with what is available today for less than a grand! If you can pick the unit up with your pinky finger, well, forget it - go buy something new.

The silver faced units are almost a given that they are worth investing in. Some older black faced units are also worth your time and money to get them repaired or restored. Just depends on the model. You can do a quick search on ebay and see what they are going for - be sure to check the 'sold' ones. With few exceptions, if it's selling 'good used' for around $50 - well, it's definitely time to go shopping for a new piece.

The older units just have a warm sound to them, unlike the harshness and brashness found so commonly today - even with pieces costing a grand or more - seriously! You really have to spend a lot of money to get good sound. That's why the older vintage pieces are making a come back! You CAN hear the difference - but only if they are restored!

Why 'if only they are restored'? That's mainly because of the capacitors inside. They age and get dried out. They don't work like they did when new, and technology has changed so much, that the capacitors available today excel at producing some of the smoothest and warmest sound you'll hear.

While the older Receivers and Amplifiers may not be THX certified, the sound they put out is much warmer. Comparing these Vintage Receivers and Amplifiers to today's Hi-Tech toys is like comparing apples to oranges - they are in completely different leagues. If you want a home theater experience - go buy the home theater stuff. If you want to listen to some vinyl or you want to rock, or just want that warm sound again, then these Vintage Receivers and Amplifiers are for you. Of course, you CAN have both... One room for theater, the other for listening to vinyl, tapes or CD's.

It should be noted that not only do we specialize in Vintage Receivers & Amplifier Repair, but we also repair Home Theater and Hi-End Amplifiers and Receivers. We do it all, from tubes and transistors to Mosfets and Class D amps. We've got well over 35 years of Professional experience. We take the time to do it right - so that it sounds better than it did when you bought it.


Why should I choose AVRepair?
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We've been in the business since the early on in 80's, and have seen it all, from one tube and three tube color cameras, the first VHS VCR's, the collectable silver faced Pioneer, Marantz,etc receivers, to today's 3 chip, HDV and Hi-end audio wonders. We've definitely been around the block.

Satisfied Clients:
We've had our hands in things that went into space! We've done repair work for countless Government Agencies and their contractors. We've also performed service for just about every College and Campus in the United States, and many foreign Countries as well. We have compiled a 'Not So Long List' that you can check out, but suffice it to say that we've 'been there and done that' for tens of thousands of Professionals, Colleges, Campuses, Law Enforcement and Government Agencies in this country and around the World. If it were a wall, you'd run into it - We definitely know our business... How else could we have gotten so many REAL Testimonials?

Our Return Rate:
The normal return rate for the electronics service industry is 15-20% and that is not a joke. We're very proud of our return rate as it is less than one percent! We do it by paying attention to details, and taking the time to do it right. While we're not perfect, and we do occasionally make mistakes, we don't have a quota that we have to meet, nor do we get paid by the piece. That means we can take our time to do it right, the first time. Fix it and Fix it right - It's what we do.


How much do you charge for Estimates?
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The estimate fee is $30.00, and is waived if your unit is repaired. No need to pay this up front - we can settle up later.

Beware of "free" estimates - these guys just shoot you a price and hope you'll go for it. They never take the time to actually troubleshoot. That's something they'll do later - and then call you back and ask for more money!


How much do you charge for Return Shipping?
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That depends a lot on how heavy your unit is, and how far the package needs to travel, and if it requires double boxing (common). You can expect, at a minimum that you'll paying $30 on the return trip.

We only charge what it costs us to ship, we do not markup shipping costs.


What do I do next?
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If you would like to use our services, simply click here, or click the Repair Service on the Navigation bar, to continue.


Stereo Repair, Receiver Repair and Vintage Audio Repair at AV Repair


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