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We repair ALL makes, models and brands of Audio and Video equipment including: Camcorders, Professional VCR's, Receivers, Stereo's, Amplifiers, Vintage Audio & Hi-End Audio

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Trusted Audio & Video Electronics Repair Service

I've personally over 40 years on the bench as a Professional Electronics Technician, repairing all things audio & video. It's all I've ever done - that's day in and day out - week after week, year after year. With that much experience, one does tend to get good at what they do! I'm proud of my experience and technical achievements through the years. I am, and have always been dedicated to providing you with the best possible service, using the latest technology.

Did you know?: Nearly all repair shops out there have a return rate that is between 20% - 25% - and unbelievably, many shops are higher still! That means that out of 10 repairs - up to three of them will not work properly and have to be returned.. Well, our return rate is less than 1%. I kid you not. It's all about experience, technical know-how, and my mission to do things right.

Take a look at the professional repair services that we offer on all Makes, Models and Brands of ALL Audio and Video electronics, both Professional and Consumer electronics. We don't just specialize in one category - with 40 years behind my belt, we excel at doing it all!

Our courteous staff is ready, willing, and able to help you with your repair service needs. We're dedicated to our work and to making sure that you're completely satisfied with the services that we provide. But hey, don't just take my word for it - See what our customers are saying about our services on our Testimonials page. These comments are used with permission. They are unsolicited, and can actually be verified! You can also check us out at the Better Business Bureau. Completely satisfied customers is what we're all about! I challenge you to find one bad thing about me, or my company on the web. It simply doesn't exist! I take care of my clients, to the very best of my ability.

We don't get paid by the hour, nor do we get paid by the piece. That allows us to take all the time we need to do things right - the way they're suppose to be done. I take great pride in the quality and level of repair service that we offer. While we may not be the only Repair Service Center in the Nation, we are among the very best that you'll ever find!

If you'd like to send your unit in for repair service, or if you're just looking for an estimate of repair, there is a simple, short form that you can fill out and print and then enclose with your unit, when shipping. You can access this form by clicking the 'Request Repair Service' link above, or by clicking HERE. If you've any questions or concerns that I may personally address, please Contact Us.

We do NOT require any advance notification nor RMA for you to send your unit in for service. Our staff is available to receive packages from Mon - Sat. All repair services include a six month warranty on both parts and labor.

Allow us the opportunity to provide you with the best service possible. You'll be glad you did.

Thanks for stopping by!

Cameron Boyd
AV Repair




Expert Electronic Repair Services for
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