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Unsolicited, and Verifiable! Find that anywhere else...

"I received the unit yesterday and everything works like new. Thanks for the prompt repair as this is our favorite unit. Good Service."

- Joe Adams - Sherwood, AR



"Thank you for you help - you have provided great service and I plan to send you electronics of mine or refer friends of mine to you. Thanks again."

- Wayne Klingler - Libertyville, IL



"Just thought I would drop you a note to let you know that the camera arrived and seems to be working great!!! Thanks for all your help."

- James Gennock - Erie, PA



"Got the cam and it works great!! Thanks for the excellent service. "

- Roger Grantham - Maui, HI



"Zowie, guys. Thanks for the quick turnaround time."

- Anna Woo, Cincinnati - OH



"The DCR-PC100 works great. I'm completely satisfied and very happy with your work. If you ever need to use me as a reference, let me know. I'm happy that I saved over $300 by having you repair the camera. Thanks!"

- Brad McGuire - Cookeville, TN



"That's excellent news, and I appreciate your repairing the camera as soon as possible... Thanks again for your effort!"

- Clayton N - Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration, MA



"I really appreciate the effort, I now know where I will go for future repairs. (will also refer if I hear of someone needing your services) Thanks."

- Mark Brown - Terre Haute, IN



"I can't begin to tell you what a pleasure it has been to do business with you. In this day and age of doing Internet business, one never knows what they will find. I have been very fortunate to find you as you are not only a very competent service technician, but honest as well. Truly a rare combination. I... look forward to doing business with you again. I will be sure to let anyone in my area that is in need of your services to contact you right away."

- Roger Garrett - Sparta, NJ



"I wanted to take a moment of your time to tell you how happy I am with my newly repaired Beta. You guys did a great job... Have a great day and thanks again."

- Richard Jones - Burtonsville, MD




"Wow. That was fast. Thank you so much. I can't wait to have a functioning camera again. It was so quick and easy (plus affordable). I should've done this a long time ago. Thanks again."

- Kristin Dews - Clyde, NC



"Cameron, I received my repaired camcorder and have used it a couple of times since for at least 5 hours of taping and an additional 5 hours relating to editing. I am very pleased with the repair of the LCD display and the replacement of the worn pinch roller which was something you turned up during inspection. The camcorder is working flawlessly. Thanks for the no nonsense process of quoting, inspection and repair. It was worth it."

- Jean Desrosiers - Worcester, MA



"Cameron, you raised this video camera from the dead! Perfection is an exemplary trait and you possess this fine quality. Your repair thrilled my nephew beyond words and made me a believer in your skilled art of restoration."

-Michael Mihalakelis - Astoria, NY



"Dear Cameron, I am the first guy whom you have sent a bill for $350 who is HAPPY! That is great news that you can fix it as we love that camera (Sony Micro-MV MSRP $1200.00) and use it to chart my daughter growing up. I have (previously) sent it to Sony but their estimate was twice what I paid for the camera! Thanks again, Yours Sincerely,"

- Jonathan Yarwood - Bradenton, FL



"I just got my camera back and ... I want to say thank you for the super job you did on my Mavica. It is working great, and was back just in time for the upcoming holidays. I'm so very happy! At first I was wondering where to send the camera then I found your web site and like you said "why take the chance and have less skilled technicians try to repair...". I really appreciated your honesty and I'm so glad you are as professional and reliable as your prior customers have said. I will keep your service in mind for any further repairs. It has truly been a pleasure."

- Annette Collazo - Brooklyn, NY



"I just wanted to send you a note letting you know that here at Ramey Job Corps we are very impressed by the quality of the repair job that you did on the Mavica FD91 that I sent a couple of months ago. It is working great, it can't get any better. Thanks Again"

- Xavier F. González - Aguadilla, Puerto Rico



"Got the camera back today. Everything looks good. Thanks for a good service. "

- Ernie Noviello - Portland, CT



"THANK YOU, Cameron!! Received it in wonderful repair!!"

- Cyndi Allen - Indian Trail, NC



"Dear Cameron and the repair team, I am so pleased that I found you online. Not only was your estimate fair, but you fixed my camera in a timely manner. I would recommend you to anyone! Thanks so much!"

- Debra Roberts - Santa Fe, NM



"Cameron, Thanks for a job well done! I am very pleased with the replacement of the FD on my MVC-FD91. It was nice and clean when I received it as well. Thanks again."

- Mark Dillon - Macon, GA



"Greetings! I received my camera today. You guys are amazing! If I would've known it would just take a few days, I would not have procrastinated so long to get my camera fixed. Works like brand new! Thanks a lot!"

- James Mills - Winter Park, FL



"Thank you so much for the quick repair of my camera. I couldn't believe that it was already arriving back when it came today. I appreciate a company that states out front what their service will entail and how much it will cost and then holds to that. Very honest and admirable."

- Sheri Mayrberger - Attica, MI


"Thank You! I received my camcorder today, everything is like new... You
really do good work...Thank You!"

- Yves Boulais - Miami, FL



"Hi Cameron- received in excellent condition, and it works perfectly...Thanks again for the prompt and excellent service! I'll be sure to recommend you to any friends I have who may be in need of repair. Regards,"

- Mike Momenee - Valicro, FL



"Cameron, Just got your e-mail. What great service you have provided... there's not many of you guys left out there... It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again for all your help."

- Brenda Maxwell - Flat Rock, IL



"Cameron, Thank you!!! my camera is working great. I must admit, I was reluctant to send my camera through the mail. I am so pleased to know there are still honest people like yourself. thanks again and take care."

- Margie Forman - Danville, IL



" our camera back from you and am I happy to have it back in good repair. Thank you so much..."

- Fran Groom - St.Charles, MO



"Cameron, ... thank you for a great job - the camera looks as good as new and works perfectly. Appreciate your quick turnaround and great service."

- Lars Blackmore - Norwich, VT



"Hi, Cameron, I just want to thank you for the amazing job you did fixing my camcorder. After the negative experience I had had with another repair company (in which more problems were created than solved, the camera was out for over six weeks with no communication as to why, the serial number was removed, and so forth), I was hesitant to send it in. Not only did you fix the problem with the poor picture quality, but you also repaired the audio, the door, and I know not what else. I am delighted, as this camera is no longer made and nothing on the market compares to it. I had your quote within four days of having mailed you the unit; your price was more than fair; your turnaround time (at Christmas, even!) was super fast; and your work was excellent. I will recommend you to everybody I know who needs AV repairs. Please feel free to use this letter if you wish. I love you guys! Thanks so much. Sincerely,"

- Debbie Morgan - Rockwall, TX



"...Thank you so much! You have no idea how happy I am that I found you and your site! You saved me so much money!...IT WORKS GREAT!!! OMG thank you so much!!"

- Bob Piesz - Howell, MI


"...Cameron, Just received my Camera and it is working like new! Thanks for the great service. Anytime I need this type of repair in the future you will be my first contact and my recommendation to any that ask. Best regards."

- James Morris - Pleasanton, CA



"The camera is working well so far. Thank You Very Much, I will recommend you to anyone who needs camera repair."

- Walt Whitakker - Hackbery, LA



"Hi Cameron. The cam came in at the 2/15. I made some short takes, and it seem(s) to function all right, I think you did a great job, thanks for your assistance. Thanks again. "

- Assaf Schorr - Kib Massada, Israel


"Just a note to let you know my camera arrived back safely. Thank you so much for the fast turn around. After waiting for my computer to come home from the shop, I tested my camera and it works just like new.....thanks so much"

- Cathy Buchanan - St Augustine, FL



"Cameron, You are the ubermensch! Thank you thank you thank you for working your
magic on my nearly departed deck. Be assured I will spread the gospel of your handiwork."

- Tim Laurel - San Francisco, CA



"I just wanted to drop a(n) email saying that I received my Panasonic camcorder and it works great. Thank you for your prompt service and fair pricing. Thank You again..."

-Thomas Pisula - New Castle, PA


"We received our camera back last Friday! We are thrilled with it and appreciate everything you did to get it back into working order! It has truly been a privilege! Thank you!"

- Courtney Porter - Champaign, IL



"Cameron - you made camcorder history. (JVC GR-HD1U) I went to the right guy. Super. Thank you."

- Ted Perkins - North Rose, NY



"Thanks for the work you did on my Sony Cybershot. It seems good as new. I am glad I stumbled onto your website and will gladly recommend you to any friends needing similar help."

- Doug Nixon - Suwanee, GA



"Hi- I received my camera last week (10 minutes before I had to leave to see my
daughter's singing performance) and it works perfectly. Thank you very much. I'll
be happy to advocate your services to those in need of camera repair..."

- Scott Branch - Santa Barbara, CA



"Just wanted to say thank you for the repair of my camera. It’s great to have it working again"

- John Blankenship - Madison Heights, VA



"I just wanted to say how surprising; yet nice, it was to receive a reply from a real person.  Everywhere else I emailed my problem to sent me a generic reply basically telling me what the cost would be just to have them look at my camcorder and the address where I could mail it to.  So I really appreciate your response and it did fix my problem...  Thank you so much, I thought I was going to miss out on being able to get my little girl crawling for the first time on tape but I am going to be able to record it now!!!  Thank you again! "

- Angela Lindsey - Elm Grove, LA



"Hi Cameron, You just repaired my Sony VX2000 camera. I received it a couple of days ago, loaded a nice, new *white* Sony professional HD 63 minute tape in it and did a bunch of testing. The camera works perfectly!

I really appreciate the quick, friendly service and the good advice on tapes. You're my go-to place for camera service and I'll be sure to recommend you to anyone else who needs similar help. Thanks much!"

- Thompson ,William - Rochester, NY



"Hello, I had my Sony PD170 's heads replaced a while ago. I just wanted to tell you that your repair department did a wonderful job. I had so many problems with other repair places before and I wanted to just let you know how much I appreciate your companies' honesty and quality of service. In today's world, it's hard to know who to trust. I took a chance with my equipment and was not disappointed with your company. Thank you "

- Lisa Robinson - Crystal Clear Video Productions - Bethlehem, PA



"...Just wanted to say Thank You for an excellent job you guys did on my camera. I really do appreciate that, especially the timely response to my inquiry and the quality of job-  excellence- and I'll make sure to send lots of business your way. Thank you so much again..."

- Art Petrosian - Sky Angel Productions - Naples, FL



"Hi Cameron, THANK YOU for fixing my camera! It works perfectly, and I'm delighted to have it back in good shape. Thanks so much for your speedy repair work, very reasonable cost, and excellent customer service. It's a pleasure to deal with such a professional business."

- Kelly Anderson - Hamilton, MT



"I really appreciate your assistance in this matter...I think your contact system and professionalism were wonderful and I will both use and recommend your service in the future."

- Kate Scrufari - Jupiter, FL



"You guys are great!! Thank you so much... I really appreciate you being able to fix this on such short notice. Thank you for everything!"

- Elizabeth Pardue - Tallahassee, FL



"Just wanted to let you know I received my camera yesterday and it works fine... Thanks again."

- Linda Price - Charleston, SC



"I received the camera and it is as good as new! Thanks so much for your work and professionalism. And thanks for the warranty on it, as well. I'll gladly tell my friends with Sony cameras about your service."

- John Bocchino - Floral Park, NY



"Cameron, I was very surprised and very pleased with what you did for me and I must say after the days leading up to the holiday, it was a great surprise. Thank you so very much for all that you did to make me one very satisfied customer. I will make sure to refer all my friends and family to your location for any and all repairs. You really did make the holidays improved. Thank you."

- Tina Bennett - Great Falls, MT



"THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I received my camera today, it works great. Perfect timing, I leave tomorrow. I want you all to know I appreciate your work, you have made me a very happy customer. I will be using you again if I ever need to, I will also recommend you. Thank you so, so much. :)"

- Alicia Mace - Eugene, OR



"WOW, you guys sure are fast. Thanks much"

- Maria Fowler - McLean, VA



"Thank you for fixing my camcorder and getting it right back to me. It has been a long time since I have been able to film my family - it is working good - and when I need service again I will not hesitate to use your services. Thank you."

- Todd Gibson - Grand Rapids, MI



"...Thank you for your honesty and going the extra step to assist me. I appreciate your service. May God Bless Your Household"

- Darryl Sigur - Mary Esther, FL



"Thank you... I appreciate the customer service. I will spread the word to my Palm Beach county community..."

- Amanda Roxborough - Jupiter, FL



"Cameron, there is no doubt in my mind, where the best repair shop in the world is located...Thank you for a job well done."

- Jime Rice - Dadeville, FL



"MUCH appreciation for the repair to my Sony DSC-W70...Quick and excellent service and advice at a reasonable cost.  I'll keep your number close and pass it on to those who need your services. Thanks again."

- Paul Abbene - Centerport, NY



"Cameron, Thank you so much for getting my HDR-SR7 back to me so quickly. I will be using you in the future for any of my camera repairs. I was so happy to get it back. That very week my 4 year old had her first Christmas pageant and I had written off filming that, but you came through. I would have been happy just getting it back in time for Christmas. Everything works flawlessly and your honesty on what was and was not wrong is well appreciated. Thanks again."

- Michael Moore - Pompano Beach, FL


"We received the camera and it looks/works great. You guys were awesome. We will definitely use you again and recommend your service to others. Again--thanks!  "

- Kim Vilkinson USAF - Barksdale, LA


"Cameron , camera works great once again , thank you for the quick turn around and I am a satisfied customer."

- Richard Ford - Knoxville, TN



"I would like to thank you for repairing my camcorder the right way. I was a little apprehensive at first because of your location - Old Town, Florida, never heard of the place, but I believe it was the voice on the other side phone; the person sound warm and the individual did not try to hurry me off the phone; but explained some of the common problems and issues of my camcorder. The turn around period was lightning fast, from the time you guys received my camcorder, it took five days, and my camcorder was back in my hands. From now own, I will use your service for all my video needs. May be one day I will visit your fair city. Thanks a million."

- Ludrick Cooper - Lake City, SC



"Hey Cameron, Camera made it here in one piece and it WORKS perfectly.. Thank you so much for all your help, i greatly appreciate it. I will be in contact with you for my Panasonic HD soon. Thanks again, Chris"

- Chris Fletcher - Ballston Spa, NY



"Cameron, Just a follow up note of thanks! The camera is working like a champ! I really thought through purchasing a new one, for the cost of repairs or getting my Sony repaired by you. I am so thrilled that I made the choice to go with the repair. Thanks so much for your 'rapid response' to my plea to have it back by Christmas. It makes such a difference when parents are aging. Feel free to use this in your testimonials! Thanks again, and Happy New Year!"

- Jan Spohn - Bulter, PA



"Cameron, Camera is in - with new glass too!! Thank you so much, truly appreciated. Graeme. "

- Graeme Teague - Adel, GA




- Omar Lucero - Maitland, FL



"Mr. Cameron I want to say thank you for your prompt service I already receive my camera and It is in excellent condition, thank you for all your patient and support. You saved my job. Regards"

- Monica Rivera - Indianapolis, IN



"Hello Cameron! Many thanks again for getting the camera to Eddie on Saturday. Eddie says the GL-1 you worked on is working perfectly, so thank you for doing what the factory failed to do on multiple trips and billings. Warmest regards friend – Big Mark"

- Mark Zepp - Vail, AZ



"Thank you for your service on my camera... it looks as god as new (and probably better.) Thank you again for your quick and courteous service."

- Chris Smith - Belleview, FL



"Hi Cameron… received the unit (DVX100a) this morning and it appears to be in great shape (not news to you – right?) Thanks for the quick turnaround and we will be assessing the repairs / maintenance here at Spectrum Films for our DSR 500 and 570 units. Again thanks for the savings and talk to you soon!"

- Jeff Green - Jacksonville, FL




"Thank you so much for the courtesy, Cameron. It's nice to know there really are, still, some decent people out there. I really do appreciate it and hope you are showered with love and respect for rest of your life. : )

"Kari Dowell - Orlando, FL



"I hooked up the receiver last evening & it's really a beautiful piece of electronics. The (restoration) job you did is so magnificent (I know of no other word)... I am putting my Sony 6046A in storage. The latter is a nice receiver but literally nothing compared to the work you produced. I'm just amazed at the quality of your work... The work you have done is remarkable."    (Sherwood S-9910 - Receiver Restoration)

- Skip Klauber - Cooper City, FL



"Hi Cameron, I received the Carver (receiver). It looks and sounds great! If the repair was as meticulous as the packaging, I am thrilled! Thanks so much. I'll be referring your work to anyone needing repairs...Thanks again and regards." (Carver HR-732 - Receiver Repair)

- Debby Clarkin - Aiken, SC



"I got the amp safely yesterday and it sounds fantastic. Thanks for your help. I appreciate the attention to detail. " (Kenwood KA-650 - Amplifier Restoration)

- Tom Heward - Pullman, WA



"I am so glad I chose to have my turntable (B&O TX) restored with avrepair. You have been very accommodating to all my questions and enquiries. It has been quite a long time since I've had the chance to use it and I've been pretty excited about the prospect of having it back. The knowledge of the repairs which you have expressed in your emails has put me at ease that my turntable is in good hands."

" I am very excited! I have always thought that someday she would be back to her old glory! Thank you so much!"

- Gabe Menei - Brookhaven, PA



"There's really no words....other than - Awesome!!! I cranked that bitch up and let her fly.....incredible!!! Then I put her through the course of a number of settings and glitches found to date. Thank you Cameron, I will highly recommend and give all vintage owners I know your contact info." (Kenwood KA-600 - Amplifier Restoration)

- Tony Brock - Mill Creek, WA






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