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How much will it cost to repair my camera?
How do I know if my camera is worth fixing?
My digital camera got wet, can you fix it?
Won't it cost a lot to ship my camera to you?
How much do you charge for repair estimates? 
How much do you charge for return shipping? 
What do I do next? 
What are your Labor Rates?

How much will it cost to repair my camera?

That depends on what kind of problem your camera has, how far off the table it fell, how much slobber Johnny spilled into it, and whether the unit fell in salt water or fresh water...

Once your unit is on the bench, we'll be able to determine just that, and contact you via e-mail with all of the costs involved, and how long your unit's stay with us, will be.

We do all we can to make the repair process painless as possible.

How do I know if my camera is worth fixing?

Good question. If your camera was an entry level camera, and was made before the year 2000, then it's a good idea to at least look at the new models available before considering having your camera repaired.

My digital camera got wet, can you fix it?

For cameras or camcorders damaged by liquid or water, the estimate fee is $50.00, and is applied to the cost of repair.

If your unit got wet, remove the battery and DON'T turn it on!.

The longer your camera or camcorder stays under water, the worse it gets. The one factor you have control over is time - how fast you can get the camera to our repair facility - because it's time that is the real killer. Once water (salt water is worse yet) gets inside, corrosion begins to form quickly. Even if you use a blow dryer, you can't get it all out. If you wait too long, no amount of cleaning or labor will be able to restore it. That's why it needs to get here fast - that give you the best chance to get your unit restored.

Lost Videos & Pictures
It's recommended to download the pictures and videos from your camera as often as possible. However, sometimes it just happens - an accident - and now your precious memories are in jeopardy. The faster that camera gets here, the better the chance that we can either fix your camera, retrieve the files, or both. Our success rate is about 70%. We'll try our very best to get your precious memories back.

Won't it cost a lot to ship my camera to you?

The average cost of shipping a camera to us is about $15 - $20, depending on the weight. Leave out the battery and charger, unless they are part of the problem. If the package is 2 lbs or less, then use the Post Office. Use UPS if the weight is 3 lbs or more.


How much do you charge for repair estimates?  ^ Top

First, we don't charge this fee up front. The only time we charge you a modest $30 estimate fee is if you do NOT have your unit repaired. If you do decide to get your unit fixed, this fee is waived! If you paid this fee up front - we just take it off at the end.

Why don't you offer free estimates?

One word, gimmick.  Some places even offer to ship your unit back for free. Come on. Do you really think that you're not going to be paying for this? Really? If you fall for that, I've got some swamp land here in Florida for a great price... One way or another, they'll get it out of you.

Back in the day I worked for shysters like this. They just mark up the cost of repair and tell you that shipping is free. In this day and age - if you're still falling for that - well, I just can't help you, my friend...

Our Estimate Fee is quite reasonable, yes?

'Free' estimates are a gimmick. So is 'free' return shipping.
Tell me, are you really gonna fall for that?


How much do you charge for return shipping?  ^ Top

We generally use UPS to do all of our shipping. Their rates are a little higher than Priority Mail, but the cost of insurance is much less than that of the USPS. On average, return shipping with insurance costs between $15 - $20. This includes a buck for the new box, bubble bag, and packing material. For the heavier, more expensive cameras, return shipping costs do increase, depending upon both their weight, and value.

What do I do next?

If you would like to use our services, simply click here, or click the Repair Service on the Navigation bar, to continue.

Labor Rates  ^ Top
  Camera Repair - (Minor)
  Camera Repair - (Major)
$90.00 /up  
  Labor Rates Exclude Parts.
All Camera Repairs Include Cleaning, Lubrication, and a 6 Month Warranty


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