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We service & repair ALL Audio & Video electronics - regardless of make, model or brand. We repair them ALL!

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R-Tools Technology -Thank you R-TT for your Data Recovery service!

The Video Business Advisor -All the help you need to start a video business or expand your existing business.

PS360 Repair - Sony PS3 repair, and XBox360 repair. Have your game console repaired by professionals, fast!

Porter Electronics - Reseller of hard to find Audio and Video Products.
Established in 2003 and has grown to be a major reseller of a number of hard to find consumer electronics. We found a niche in carrying these hard to find items and selling them with our own 90 day exchange warranty. Most of these items are either impossible to find or can only be found on sites such as online auctions or online classifieds with virtually no guarantee. We do offer a guarantee to our customers and promise that if it does not arrive as described we will replace it with one that does.






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