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With over 40 years of personal, professional experience repairing all things audio & video electronics, you'd be hard pressed to find a more competent technician to provide repair service for your camcorder, vintage stereo, receiver, amplifier, or any other electronic device.

I've been in this business since the early 80's, and have seen it all; from tube TV's, to the first Beta and VHS VCR's to the first CD player, through to today's HDV wonders. We've definitely been around the block!  We've also kept up with the latest tech and servicing techniques by attending factory training seminars. Of course, having actually worked at the Panasonic Factory in Jersey as an electronics tech also helped a wee bit...

We have a long list of satisfied clients who chose our services for their repair service needs. This includes countless Professionals, Colleges, Campuses, Law Enforcement and Government Agencies, etc, etc, etc... Actually, we made a quick short list of just a few of the clients that we've been honored to provide our repair services to. Check it out.

We're very proud of our return rate of less than 1%! Why is our return rate so low? Attention to detail, and taking the time to do it right. While we're certainly not perfect and we do occasionally make mistakes, we don't have a quota that must be met, nor do we get paid by the hour nor by the piece. That allows us to take all the time we need to properly repair all Audio & Video Electronics.

Fix it and Fix it right - It's what we do!

We're sure you'll agree, This IS the place to send all your audio and video electronics for repair service!

Thanks for stopping by!

- AVRepair



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