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Those are the very things that you should be thinking about when deciding where to send your camcorder in for repair. Lets take them one by one, shall we?

Experience: I've personally been doing this day in and day out, year after year for well over 35 years. That's on the bench, as a Bench Electronics Technician. I've been doing this since most of you were in diapers! I've done it all, from tube televisions, the first VCR's, the first CCD cameras, the first CD Player, the first HD televisions, and the first digital video camcorders, all the way up to today - still going strong!

Credibility: Check us out at the Better Business Bureau, and see if we have any complaints, or ANY cases. Notice that you can have cases - pending, closed, etc. We don't have a single one.

We've been in business at this location since 1999. You can find us in the yellow pages and online by just typing into google: "AV Repair, Florida"

We've also dozens of Testimonials from real, satisfied clients that have used our services over the years. These Testimonials can actually be verified - we use the clients real name, and the City and State they live in - with their permission, of course!

**A word about so-called 'BBB Accredited'. We use to be 'Accredited'. But the BBB wanted $600 every year! When I said no, they said they would delete my account and all my ratings! This is nothing more than 'pay for play'. There's been a scandal for this very thing which took place not long ago in Southern California. Do a search for it and you'll find it. Accreditation means nothing, nada, zip, zilch!  When you check out any business, read the complaints and the cases - this is how you tell what kind of business you're dealing with. You can also do a search on business online and find if there are any complaints about their service. Yelp is one such place - but there are many more.

Customer Service: A quick look at our Testimonials will quickly let you know that we know how to take care of our clients! We are here for you. We'll do what it takes to earn and keep your business. If you're not happy with the services we perform, we'll simply give you your money back in full. In all these years, we've only done this only once or twice - and it was our choice, not a demand from a customer...

Our Warranty: It's the absolute best in the business! We guarantee our work for Six (6) Months - both parts and labor. Certain Camcorder Models may qualify for our exclusive, and unheard of, TWO (2) YEAR Guarantee on the work that we perform. All recommended repairs must be performed for this warranty to kick in, and some exclusions apply - simply inquire.

Why go anywhere else? It is a good question...


How much do you charge for estimates?  ^ Top

First, we don't charge this fee up front. The only time we charge you a modest $30 estimate fee is if you do NOT have your unit repaired.
If you do decide to get your unit fixed, this fee is waived! If you paid this fee up front - we just take it off at the end.

Some places even offer to ship your unit back for free. Come on. Do you really think that you're not going to be paying for this? Really? If you fall for that, I've got some swamp land here in Florida for a great price... One way or another, they'll get it out of you.

Back in the day I worked for shysters like this. They just mark up the cost of repair and tell you that shipping is free. In this day and age - if you're still falling for that - well, I just can't help you, my friend...

Our Estimate Fee is quite reasonable, yes?

'Free' estimates are a gimmick. So is 'free' return shipping.
Tell me, are you really gonna fall for that?


How much do you charge for return shipping?  ^ Top

On average, return shipping with insurance typically costs between $15 - $20. It can go slightly higher, depending on where you reside and the value of your camcorder.


What do I do next?
  ^ Top

If you would like to use our services, simply click here, or click the Repair Service on the Navigation bar, to continue.


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